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The education industry plays a significant part for social development, it permits policies and procedures to both students and teachers in any form of education. Among educational policies, safety policies play an essential aspect for the well-being of students and staff members. These OH&S templates and forms have provided general viewpoint on educational facilities to the risk assessment of the educational environment.

SEE Forge provides a solution to access this wide range of OH&S templates and forms specifically for the education industry in various scenarios. This enables staff members to turn paper-based workload onto a cloud storage system and effectively communicate with their peers.

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Education Templates & Forms Titles: 

  • Annual Occupational Health and Safety Plan
  • Occupational Health and Safety Induction Checklist
  • Quaterly Summary Health & Safety report
  • Summary Table of Health and Safety Planning, Meeting and Reporting
  • Hazard/Near Miss Report
  • HIRAC Report
  • HIRAC for Children in University locations/activities
  • HIRAC for Manual Handling Tasks
  • HIRAC for Prevention of Workplace Bullying
  • Register of Hazardous Substances/Dangerous Goods/Chemicals
  • New Plant or Substance Checklist
  • Excursion Health Report & Consent Form for Students Under 18
  • Excursion Health Report & Consent Form for Students Over 18
  • Application for Non-student/non-staff to attend excursion
  • Application to Conduct Excursion
  • List of Excursion Participants
  • Confined Spaces Permit
  • Excavation/Trenching Permit
  • HIRAC for work at height
  • Hot Work Application
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Lock and Tag Register
  • Work at Height Permit
  • Bomb Threat Checklist
  • Evacuation Drill Report
  • First Aid Report
  • Injury Report Form
  • University First Aider Nomination Form
  • Annual Operational Risk Management Plan
  • NLRD Dealing Form
  • Exempt Dealing Report
  • Safety Implications of Undergraduate Student Practical Off-site form
  • Incident Report Form
  • Laboratory Safety Checklist

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