Quality Control

Identify issues and take immediate action towards solutions

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FAT FINGER quality control workflows will not only save you time and money, it will also make your daily paperwork a lot easier. Quality Control workflows are no longer a nice idea, they are a requirement in order to have the lowest cost, most reliable and safest operations.


You won’t have to struggle with incomplete or incorrect data, as FAT FINGER will keep everyone up to date in real-time. Anyone can capture any issue and perform routine and previously hard to find quality control procedures, quality inspection checklists or any type of data capture process.



Automated alerts notify operators to take the correct behavior allowing “newbies” to have someone always looking over their shoulder. FAT FINGER reduces the time gap between when an issue is captured and it’s solution as tasks and alerts are sent immediately and tracked until resolved.

FAT FINGER Quality Control workflow can facilitate your team becoming ISO compliant and prepare your team for all types of audits. Imaging being able to pull up a complete history of every quality control process ever completed and easily forward that to regulatory bodies, partners or customers.

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