Intrinsically safe cases – FAQ


What does intrinsically safe mean?
Intrinsically safe equipment is equipment which is incapable of releasing sufficient electrical or thermal energy to cause ignition.

Does the cases protect the device from water and dust?
All the cases are water and dust proof.


Which devices do you sell intrinsically safe cases for?
We currently sell intrinsically safe cases for the following devices:

  • iPad (4th gen)
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini
  • iPhone 4 & 4S
  • iPhone 5 & 5S
  • iPhone 6 & 6S
  • iPhone 6+ & 6S+
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3
  • We also sell a customized 7” android tablet (XC tab)

Will you make cases for more devices?
Cases for Windows 8 Surface Pro and Samsung Galaxy tab 3 are under development. We will update the website with information once these cases are ready for sale. It’s not possible to pre-order these cases.

What are the Certifications and Ratings? What classes, divisions and groups do you support?

What classes are the intrinsically safety cases rated for?

  • All the intrinsically safe (phone) cases are rated for use in Class 1 and Division 2
  • The cases for iPad (4th gen) iPad Air and iPad Mini are also rated for use in ATEX Zone 2 (European rating)
  • We do not offer IECEx or Zone 1 and have no immediate plans to support it

What do the classes, divisions and Groups mean?

  • Class 1 – Areas in which flammable gases or vapors may be present in sufficient quantities to be explosive or ignitable.
  • Division 2 – Abnormal Situation: The potential hazardous material is expected to be stored in closed containers or systems.
  • Group A.B, C and D: Gases and vapors in Class l locations are classified into four groups, by the code A, B, C, and D. These materials are grouped according to the ignition temperature of the substance, its explosion pressure and other flammability characteristics.
  • More about classes can be read here


What is the price of the different cases?
More information can be read at the following Pricing page.

Is the device included in the price?
No, the price only include the cases unless you order the Android 7″ tablet.


How do you ship the intrinsically safe cases?
The cases are shipped via FedEX

Do you ship the cases internationally?

How long does the shipping take?
The shipping usually takes 3-5 business days in North America and 7-10 business days internationally.

What is the shipping cost?
The shipping cost is US $49 USD, Canada $99 USD and Internationally $99 USD.

Warranty and refund

Who installs the cases?

Can I refund my intrinsically safe cases?
All sales are final. Our standard policy is we only except returns if it is a faulty product. For this to happen you must submit your product to us in Houston Texas at your own cost. We will do a warranty inspection by our technicians. Upon review and it is determined it is a faulty product you will be provided with a new or re-mediated product. If it is not faulty you will have to pay to have it shipped back to you.

What are the warranty terms?
Terms can be read at the following page:

What is the duration of the warranty?
12 month warranty, given that the warranty terms are met.

Do you have more questions?
Contact the Intrinsically Safe Cases support at