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Today I want to tell you the truth about what happens when people get sloppy with reporting. It may not be pretty, but my job isn’t to sugar coat. My job is to lay out the facts and help you to both protect yourself and profit from what lies ahead, despite what people think about something as unsexy as reporting.

Sloppy reporting is a surefire way to not winning the bigger contracts. You might experience some of these problems:

  • You are not winning the big jobs
  • You don’t look as professional as you could
  • You don’t know how to boost profits
  • You can’t meet market demands
  • You can’t keep up with your competitors prices
  • Your sales have decreased
  • Your cost of production has increased
  • You have to lay off employees

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 Bigger companies will monitor your company’s compliance to OHS laws through inspections and audits.

But what could they really do if they found a breech or if your system isn’t up to par?

Complying with every health and safety law (OHS) takes a lot of time and effort, so unfortunately we can sometimes cut corners but is it an area where we can afford to? In today’s world a lack of thoroughness in complying with OHS laws creates severe problems for your company, including bankruptcy and jail.

  • You will lose your contract immediately.
  • Your business will look very unprofessional.
  • Regulators have the right to shut down your operations until you do comply with regulations.
  • The cost of shutting your business is substantially bigger than the amount you’re saving by not training your employees properly or by overlooking safety hazards on site.
  • It is not unlikely that OHS regulators will fine you for failing to comply with regulations, especially if an employer is injured.
  • These fines are separate to the individual law suits that can be filed against you by the worker.
  • Not complying with OHS regulations could seriously leave you bankrupt or even worse in jail.

To win bigger contracts you need to demonstrate you have a professional systems that manages all your paper documents. The better and more innovative system you have the more professional you look. Image is everything.

What would you rather do?
Fill out paper work or use an app?


What would impress your customers more?

Consider these facts:

  • Paperwork is boring and inefficient. Mobile is fast and easy.
  • People are already using their mobile devices for everything they do. What would you do if you can’t use your mobile phone for a day? Not much right?
  • Paper forms are slow to fill out – Capture any issue on the field in real-time, using your smart phone
  • It’s fast and easy and will save you hours it takes to compile reports
  • Your contractors or employees won’t rip you off as you can track their time and whereabouts
  • And it makes your job easier, more productive and fewer problems to worry about (like compliance)

Lessons Learned and why you must try SEE Forge

  • Employers maintaining their plant and equipment adequately
  • Ensuring workers receive adequate training.
  • Courts now impose prison sentences in addition to financial penalties where a high level of culpability attaches to a breach of OHS laws by those in management or supervisory positions.
  • Managers and supervisors must require their organisations to have in place comprehensive, appropriate and adequate systems of work to ensure all workers undertake the necessary training before commencing work.
  • Ensure that all plant and equipment is adequately maintained.
  • Reckless failure leading to the serious injury or death of a worker, the courts will impose custodial sentences.
  • Statistics show that work-related incidents are very apparent and cause problems for any company
  • Switching to mobile reporting complies with OHS laws, decreases the amount of work-related incidents, whist improving productivity

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