Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started:

What is SEE Forge and what does it do?
Rather than filling out paper based forms such as JSAs, Take 5s, Hazard IDs, Safety Observations, Inspections, Maintenance etc which is time consuming, tedious and unproductive – you can use your mobile device instead.You can use the same forms as you use now but instead have them on your mobile. It’s much faster, easier and it works without an Internet connection too. All the issues you submit from your mobile goes into the SEE Forge Command Centre where you track and organise them for easier and smarter decision making.

Why do I need it? What are the benefits?
If you are tired of filling out endless amounts of paper-based forms then you must try the SEE Forge app. It’s simply much easier to use. And safer, more productive and reduces your cost and risks.You will always be able to see what your employees are reporting on, keeps you up to date on issues you must attend to and it keeps your employees on the job rather than wasting their time filling out paper forms. It’s fast and easy. Increases productivity. Reduces your cost and minimises risk.

How do I get started?
Sign up today and request to get a trial.

Can I build my own forms?
Absolutely you can. Using the Form Builder you can either build your own forms from scratch or simply use and edit the default forms we give you.

Do all my employees see the same forms? What happens if I make changes?
Yes. This is the beauty of SEE Forge. All your employees will have access to the same forms so it’s always consistent and less confusion on what forms they should use. If you make a change to a form, all your employees will see that change instantly.

What if I don’t have time to build my own forms? Or if I think it’s too hard?
We know you are busy so that is why you can easily upload your current paper-based forms (e.g. images, PDF, Excel or Word) format and we will create them for you.

Is it cloud hosted or just an app?
SEE Forge A complete mobile and cloud-based solution meaning it’s not just a “stand alone app”. All your data is saved into the online Command Centre where your data is securely stored.

What happens after I submit an issue from my mobile app?
The report you submit goes directly into the online Command Centre. You can access the data from your mobile smart phone or login to the Command Centre. From there you can export it or run analytics and reports.

I work in remote locations. Does it work offline?
Yes it does. You can capture any issue from anywhere in the world. The app knows you are offline and safety stores your data offline. When you come into a WiFi, Satellite, 3G or LTE (4G) coverage area your data will immediately sync to the online Command Centre.

Does it have workflow? Can a supervisor authorise reports?
Yes it can and it’s called Action Tracking.

Can I do a digital signature?
Yes. You can sign a report by using your finger. You can even have multiple signatures from the worker, supervisor and or manager.

Can I do multiple photos? 
Yes, you can upload as many images as you want.

Can I use my own forms or can I use your form templates?
You can easily use your own forms or use ours. We give you a library of forms as a default option and they include: a standard JSA template, Take 5 and a Hazard Notification form. Feel free to edit the default forms or create your own using the Form Builder. If you for any reason feel you are too busy to create your own, please send them to us and we will build them for you at no cost to you. It’s part of our terrific service to our valued clients.

Will I get alerted when an issue is submitted?
Yes, you will be alerted when a new form is submitted.

Can I request a feature?

Can I request a feature?
Yes you may. SEE Forge does fulfill features requested by our clients. Sign up and tell us what you need.

Do I need training?

Do I need training? How hard is SEE Forge to use?
No, you do not need any training as it is very easy to use.

What do I do if I get stuck or need help?
Call or email us for immediate support.

Exporting data

Can I export my data? Save to Excel?
Yes. All your data can be exported into Excel or PDF formats. You can export at any time.

Reports and Analytics

What type of reports and analytics can I see?
You can create any type of reports you want. E.g. # of reports per user, what is most reported, where are the problems per job site, what is the most reported item etc. Reports and analytics is custom meaning you can specify whatever reports you need. Data will be shown in with a graphical or table format.

How do I roll out to my employees? How many users can I have?

How many users can I have?
You can add as many as you like.

How do I add users?
From the Command Centre you simply invite users by sending them an email. It’s very easy to do and new people you invite will get an email with their account login information. You can add people manually or use the Bulk Invite feature.

How long does it take to roll out to my employees?
Sharing with employees takes less than 30 seconds. All you need is their email address and you can send out an invite from the Command Centre that contains their new account login details.

What about my current system?
SEE Forge can integrate into your existing IT system via the SEE Forge API. For further information please contact our product expert team to discuss your specific requirements.

What devices does it work on?

What devices does it work on? Is it available on iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile?
SEE Forge is available for any iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android device. Due to limited demand the Blackberry and Windows Mobile version is no longer supported. If demand increases we will resume support.

Integration and API

Can it integrate into to my IT system?
Yes, you may integrate into any IT system. Integration services is part of the Enterprise plan.

Into what systems can I integrate into?
SEE Forge has an API and Web Services component allowing any system to connection. It is compatible with SAP, Oracle, First Priority, JD Edwards, INX, Medgate, and others.

How much does it cost to integrate?
Contact our Product Expert team and ask to discuss integration and API support pricing.

Does SEE Forge have a professional services team for training, implementation and/or customizations?

Yes, we do. Training and implementation is provided to all our customers.

What is the Command Centre?

SEE Forge’s powerful form builder, user management, reporting and analytics engine is your Command Centre. It turns your day to day operations into easily understood reports. You can measure your teams performances, what is being reported, by whom and when and plotted on a real time map. Command Center is also responsible to provide Manager and Admin to control the entire system. Manager and Admin can add, edit, delete, audit, deactivate users, can view all the reported issues and can generate reports


Is it safe to use? Is my data protected? Where does my data go?
Yes. SEE Forge takes the security of your data and information very seriously. You want to be sure that information you send is only seen by authorized people, it won’t be hacked and that your reputation won’t be harmed by leaks of company data. SEE Forge recognises security as one of the top priorities hence our mobile platform can safely handle any data.